Best Music Playlist Tips And Ideas

Music is part of life and it is very important for us to have some good collection of playlist of music.Most of the people around the world have different kind of interest in music.Some people love to have fast music and some have great interest in sad music.Some people love to enjoy the music when they are alone and some people love to enjoy the music with their friends and family and they do not enjoy music lonely.Enjoy the happiest moment of your life.





As music is part of life so enjoy it.Some people when they are sad try to enjoy the sad music and try to overcome their feeling by listening the sad songs of their playlist.I Suggest you that you should have all the collections of music so that you can enjoy them according to you mood.Mood play an important role in once selections of songs.Some people when they sad try to listen disco type songs and some people when they are sad try to listen sad songs so interest varies from person to person.


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According to my interest I  have great interest in cool music when I am alone and free.I mostly try to listen the music which gives very smooth sounds and try to avoid those type of music which gives very hard voice.Music should be as cool as human want to be.But Sometimes i love to have some fast music.You collection should be mixer of cool and bold songs.And you can enjoy them according to your mood.

These are some of the my playlist collection.Hope you enjoy these collections and update me with your feedback.Keep enjoying them and be happy life.


Joshua Redman – Jazz Crimes
Jay-Z – Can’t Knock the Hustle
Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – Before I Let Go
Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion



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