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Best Music Playlist Tips And Ideas

Music is part of life and it is very important for us to have some good collection of playlist of music.Most of the people around the world have different kind of interest in music.Some people love to have fast music and some have great interest in sad music.Some people love to enjoy the music when they are alone and some people love to enjoy the music with their friends and family and they do not enjoy music lonely.Enjoy the happiest moment of your life.





As music is part of life so enjoy it.Some people when they are sad try to enjoy the sad music and try to overcome their feeling by listening the sad songs of their playlist.I Suggest you that you should have all the collections of music so that you can enjoy them according to you mood.Mood play an important role in once selections of songs.Some people when they sad try to listen disco type songs and some people when they are sad try to listen sad songs so interest varies from person to person.


music playlist




According to my interest I  have great interest in cool music when I am alone and free.I mostly try to listen the music which gives very smooth sounds and try to avoid those type of music which gives very hard voice.Music should be as cool as human want to be.But Sometimes i love to have some fast music.You collection should be mixer of cool and bold songs.And you can enjoy them according to your mood.

These are some of the my playlist collection.Hope you enjoy these collections and update me with your feedback.Keep enjoying them and be happy life.


Joshua Redman – Jazz Crimes
Jay-Z – Can’t Knock the Hustle
Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – Before I Let Go
Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion



How To Get Rid Of Black Heads With Quick Tips

Black heads’, also known as open comedomes are easily found on skin and appear as wide openings covered by scraps of darkened mass. Comedomes are basically categorized into open comedomes, which are commonly known as blackheads and closed comedomes, normally termed as whiteheads and are basically composed of skin scraps, oil and bacteria. If not taken care of, they eventually develop into pimples. Before learning the remedies for blackheads, we should first beware ourselves of their causes.

how to get rid of black heads

Blackheads normally form on oily parts of skin. The skin naturally secretes more oil during the puberty stages. This oil fills the empty wide openings on skins, thereby forming blackheads. Blackheads can also form as a result of over scrubbing or constant irritation of skin. Some people relate them with diet of a person. They are of the opinion that certain foods are not beneficial for skins and their consumption lead to the formation of black heads. This is however not entirely true because diet plays a minimal role in their formation. Some people are of belief that tension, anxiety and stress are one of the major causes of such skin disorders, which is also almost entirely wrong. Overuse of skin products may also result in skin irritation and more oil production, which are also major contributors in formation of blackheads.

how to get rid of black heads

Good thing is; there are lots of ways to get rid of these blackheads. One could apply Skin cleansing and hormonal treatments as well as certain medications to evade the threat posed by them. Regular skin cleaning should be performed with a quality cleanser, which is normally composed of ‘salicylic acid’ formula. One should not apply such cleansers on the affected areas more than once as it would irritate the skin and encourage their formation of blackheads instead of suppressing it.


Medicines like ‘Adapalene’ are trustworthy and are commonly used for their removal as it diminishes them by a notable factor. Hair can also spread infection on skin and the areas covered by hair are more prone to such infection which is why oily hair should not be allowed to cover significant parts of skin. When puberty strikes, blackheads may become a major concern for your skin but they can be avoided by adopting some of above mentioned protective measures.

rid of black heads



How To Help Others In Busy Routine

How To Help Others In Busy Routine

Life is a blessing of God. Everyone has his own style of spending it. Life has different purposes and it is very important to understand the actual meaning of life. As thorns are the part of a beautiful flower likewise life is a combination of happy and sad moments. The basic purpose of life is to spend your life for the happiness of other human beings. Life is given to share the burden of others and to serve the humanity. And this can be achieved by helping others. Helping others is a great gift of nature. It enlightens our soul and gives pleasure to both the helper as well as to the person who is being helped. Helping mankind is such a spirit which motivate us and make us feel better about our self. One basic thing a person should always keep in mind that one should help other without expecting any reward in return. Dalai Lama has rightly said


Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

There are different ways to achieve this goal. Sharing your knowledge is one of the best and easiest way to help others. Always be aware of the opportunities around you and once you see it then consider which person can get benefit by knowing it. Similarly if a person is poor and has not enough comforts to spend a normal life, one can help him by denoting some money. If a person cannot afford it then look through your unused items and donate those things which are in decent condition. Sometimes people keep on looking for little things which can cheer them up so always keep a smiling and friendly face. Buying food for the hungry and needy is an easy way to help others. Buy bread, chips or some other eatable.

how to help others


Be kind and friendly. Give shelter to the homeless people. Give gifts to others on different occasions. This will make them happy. Appreciate others for their work and efforts or say thank you for the task they performed for you. When any one wants your help, be on time. Sit beside them and talk in a friendly mood to cheer them up and to reduce their grief. Make a routine of asking your family members and friends for help. This feeling shows your love and care for them. Helping your fellows is not always an essay task and sometimes it is hard to manage. But always remember that helping others is the core of humanity. Be a role model for others and help them in every walk of life.

Tips To Lose Weight In 15 Days

The advent of machines and technology has made man lazy. Before the scientific revolution, people had to do their own tasks without any helping hand which not only made them strong and hardworking but also kept them physically fit. In that era, obese people were uncommon and hard to come across. People would normally travel on their feet and work with their bare hands which kept them at the peak of their fitness.

Lose weight now

Nowadays, people have become so much dependent on machines that they require them to carry out most of their day to day tasks. Such dependence has had adverse effects on their health and as a result they have fallen way below the standards of fitness set by their ancestors. Such dependence and laziness have made obesity a major dilemma in modern society. The diet had also had its impact on people’s health.

Junk foods are consumed in large proportions these days and have been major contributors in providing fat and unfit class of today’s people. Obesity has become such an important issue these days such that ‘weight reducing tips’ have become hottest topic of this era. Modern people are now slowly getting concerned about being overweight. They have started looking for methods to keep their weights under control and keep themselves physically fit.

 lose weight

Obesity comes with laziness. Whenever you notice an increase in your weight, you should realize that you are being careless about your diet and the way you manage your routine. You should always maintain a balanced diet and follow a strict schedule of eating. You should avoid junk food as much as possible and keep track of what you have been eating. The other thing is to maintain your activity rate by regularly working out. You should always find time for exercise and develop a schedule to carry out these exercises regularly. Some people also try an effective technique known as ‘dieting’ to lose weight. It may not be recommended by many but it is the most effective and quick method to get rid of extra amount of fat.