How To Get Rid Of Black Heads With Quick Tips

Black heads’, also known as open comedomes are easily found on skin and appear as wide openings covered by scraps of darkened mass. Comedomes are basically categorized into open comedomes, which are commonly known as blackheads and closed comedomes, normally termed as whiteheads and are basically composed of skin scraps, oil and bacteria. If not taken care of, they eventually develop into pimples. Before learning the remedies for blackheads, we should first beware ourselves of their causes.

how to get rid of black heads

Blackheads normally form on oily parts of skin. The skin naturally secretes more oil during the puberty stages. This oil fills the empty wide openings on skins, thereby forming blackheads. Blackheads can also form as a result of over scrubbing or constant irritation of skin. Some people relate them with diet of a person. They are of the opinion that certain foods are not beneficial for skins and their consumption lead to the formation of black heads. This is however not entirely true because diet plays a minimal role in their formation. Some people are of belief that tension, anxiety and stress are one of the major causes of such skin disorders, which is also almost entirely wrong. Overuse of skin products may also result in skin irritation and more oil production, which are also major contributors in formation of blackheads.

how to get rid of black heads

Good thing is; there are lots of ways to get rid of these blackheads. One could apply Skin cleansing and hormonal treatments as well as certain medications to evade the threat posed by them. Regular skin cleaning should be performed with a quality cleanser, which is normally composed of ‘salicylic acid’ formula. One should not apply such cleansers on the affected areas more than once as it would irritate the skin and encourage their formation of blackheads instead of suppressing it.


Medicines like ‘Adapalene’ are trustworthy and are commonly used for their removal as it diminishes them by a notable factor. Hair can also spread infection on skin and the areas covered by hair are more prone to such infection which is why oily hair should not be allowed to cover significant parts of skin. When puberty strikes, blackheads may become a major concern for your skin but they can be avoided by adopting some of above mentioned protective measures.

rid of black heads



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