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How To Help Others In Busy Routine

How To Help Others In Busy Routine

Life is a blessing of God. Everyone has his own style of spending it. Life has different purposes and it is very important to understand the actual meaning of life. As thorns are the part of a beautiful flower likewise life is a combination of happy and sad moments. The basic purpose of life is to spend your life for the happiness of other human beings. Life is given to share the burden of others and to serve the humanity. And this can be achieved by helping others. Helping others is a great gift of nature. It enlightens our soul and gives pleasure to both the helper as well as to the person who is being helped. Helping mankind is such a spirit which motivate us and make us feel better about our self. One basic thing a person should always keep in mind that one should help other without expecting any reward in return. Dalai Lama has rightly said


Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

There are different ways to achieve this goal. Sharing your knowledge is one of the best and easiest way to help others. Always be aware of the opportunities around you and once you see it then consider which person can get benefit by knowing it. Similarly if a person is poor and has not enough comforts to spend a normal life, one can help him by denoting some money. If a person cannot afford it then look through your unused items and donate those things which are in decent condition. Sometimes people keep on looking for little things which can cheer them up so always keep a smiling and friendly face. Buying food for the hungry and needy is an easy way to help others. Buy bread, chips or some other eatable.

how to help others


Be kind and friendly. Give shelter to the homeless people. Give gifts to others on different occasions. This will make them happy. Appreciate others for their work and efforts or say thank you for the task they performed for you. When any one wants your help, be on time. Sit beside them and talk in a friendly mood to cheer them up and to reduce their grief. Make a routine of asking your family members and friends for help. This feeling shows your love and care for them. Helping your fellows is not always an essay task and sometimes it is hard to manage. But always remember that helping others is the core of humanity. Be a role model for others and help them in every walk of life.