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How To Wear a Tie Bar

Personality means lot for a man.When you are looking cool and beautiful than you are more confident than the others and when you are looking not good it may not give good look to your personality as well.Your looks should be according to the demands and requirements of the day.If you are on work your looks should be according to the work like you should wear dress shirt and dress pent and sometimes coat if you have to attend the meeting.As if you are at home you should wear light dresses so that you can remained cool and calm.These are tips How To Wear a Tie Bar


how to wear tie bars

So How to wear tie bar is very important which most of us are not know too much.Tie bar is very important thing for all of us who love to wear tie.The main purpose of tie bar to keep you tie attached with your shirt so that it could not move here and there and could not make angry you at all.

Pinch Clasp and Slide Clasp are the two main types or styles of the tie bar .You can use them according to your likes and interest .As from the name  pinch clasp hold your tie more accurately than the slide clasp so you should prefer the Pinch Clasp if you want one of them but both of them are good and famous and everyone try to sue them.

One thing you should keep in your mind that the size of your tie bar should not be more than the width of your tie.If the size of your tie bar is more than your width it will give very bad look and not a professional look and seems like childish look so avoid if your tie bar length is more than the width of your tie.

how to wear tie bar

You should place you tie bar between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt it will give good and professional look and do not tech your tie bar again and again it will not give good professional look to you.